Halloween Party Event Photographer in Santa Monica

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Every photographer has a muse and every photographer has a genre that peaks their interest. As a Event photographer in Los Angeles and Orange County, my idea of event photography ranged from a 2 year old’s birthday Party and to my aspirations of landing a big Wedding Event.

Little did I know that a Halloween Birthday Party was just the event to get my Photography Juices Flowing and to mark the beginning of what was to become a successful business.
When Brad Cruz hired me for his Halloween Birthday Party hosted by himself and three of his friends, I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to photograph a unique event. Due to the timing and the event ending in the early hours of the morning, I included two additional photographers – A choice I am grateful to have made!
This Charity Birthday Party is hosted each year at The Victoria in Santa Monica by Four wonderful souls – Brad Cruz, Datar Sahi, Jeremy Delaplane and Bilal Hasan. The profits go to charities close to their hearts and in doing so they get to enjoy their Birthday with their friends. 
This party was one of a kind – filled with Characters from Harley Quinn to Donald Trump. We had a backdrop set up and a photographer consistently shooting pictures for 5 hours straight! The other photographers shot the event throughout the venue and uploaded images to a Dropbox. We delivered all the images the same night prior to leaving the event and the hosts and guests were impressed at the service and the fact that they had access to their pictures immediately. It is not everyday that you dress up like Pikachu and pictures captured to cherish those moments are well appreciated.
This event fueled my confidence for event photography and they hired me for the 2017 party as well! The experience was surreal and left myself and my team on a high for a few days.
Adam Tar Photography offers Customizable Event Photography at affordable prices throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. Whether it is a birthday event, wedding, graduation or office party – Adam can adapt any event in to images that tell a story of more than just a 1000 words…