Family Portrait Photography in Los Angeles

Adam Tar Photography was chosen by Irene to shoot family Photos for her. She had family visiting from around the country and they had not been together in 3 Years. We were honored that she chose us and knew that this would not just be a standard Family Portrait session. First of all, we knew from speaking to Irene that there would be around 18 people. A group that big is a challenge on its own, but add toddlers to the mix and the fun begins. We decided that this family portrait photography session will require 2 photographers. We decided to pack a heavy amount of lighting equipment to really stop the movement of those children and make sure that we really capture sharp images. Children are candid, and innocent. They think it and do it at the same time, so to keep their attention would definitely require 2 of us. We packed two Nikon D750 Full frame DSLR cameras, two Nikon 24-70mm f2.8 lenses, and for some amazing result a Nikon 70-200mm f2.8. We also packed two Speed Lights, 2 Light Stands, some remote triggers, a Reflector and a Tripod. 

When we arrived at Irene’s home, we met all the family. It was amazing. The kids were cute, and everyone was dressed in white. We knew that these pictures had the potential to be amazing and now it was up to us to really come through and deliver images to Irene that she would cherish and enjoy. We setup the lights and immediately started posing the group, while the kids where patient. Posed pictures are great but its the candid shots that everyone really remembers. This was the reason for a second photographer. We managed to capture amazing posed shots but the family really got joy out of the candid shots. The goofy, random actions of the kids.

What Irene had to say about her Family Portrait Photographer in Los Angeles

“We were 18 people including ten children, two of whom are babies. He worked with us to get everyone looking good, facing the camera, and smiling. He had great patience with the babies and.children. He took many pictures and emailed us the best ones later that same day.”


Family Portrait Photographer in Los Angeles Post Processing

Irene Really wanted to have some images delivered to her soon after the shoot. Some of her family would be leaving that night and they really wanted to enjoy the pictures that day together. At Adam Tar Photography our main priority is our clients. We try and fulfill all their desires with regards to family portrait photography. Immediately after the shoot we started editing. Our team worked for the rest of the day and in about 4 hours we managed to complete our edits. We sent them to Irene as a custom iPhone album which she could share, and show off to her friends from her smart phone. And we provided high resolution images via drop box. She was mind blown by the pictures and we had a client for life. We look forward to working with Irene again.

Choose Adam Tar Photography as your Family Portrait Photographer in Los Angeles if you are looking for Great Images and a Wonderful Experience. We are Experts when it comes to children, and we offer same day delivery of retouched images