Wall Art and Prints

Adam Tar Photography offers these Professional Wall Art and Print options

We use only the Best Labs for our Prints. They stand the test of time, and provide optimum sharpness and clarity.


These low-profile, high-impact frames complement any décor whether classic, modern, beachy, or rustic. Designed by Design Aglow, their clean style ensures the frames don’t compete with the image but enhance it. They arrive completely finished and ready to hang.


All Sizes include Frame, Mat, and Acrylic (Frames Come in White, Gold, Expresso, Black, Silver, and Barn Grey)

8×10  $75.99

11×14  $105.99

16×20  $180.99

20×24  $255.99



These Canvas’ are printed on White Poly Cotton offering Excellent Color Rendition, Sharpness, and Saturation. They are 1.5 inches thick and come with an open back and wire hangings. The Canvas is wrapped and stapled around solid wood so it wont warp over time.


8×10  $69.99

8×12  $74.99

11×14  $85.99

12×16  $95.99

16×20  $121.99

20×24  $156.99


With Metal Prints the Image is permanently part of the Aluminum. These Prints are Sharp, and Bright. They Stand out the most out of all the Wall Art we offer.


8×10  $25.99

8×12  $29.99

11×14  $39.99

16×20  $79.99

20×24  $119.99

Display Options

Easel  $7.50

Foam Float Block  $7.50

Small Standoff Posts  $29.99

Large Standoff Posts  $39.99

The Advantage of choosing us for your prints is that we guarantee the images are color corrected, and perfectly cropped before going to the lab. We also use the best labs and our quality is unbeatable.

This is the best option if you have specific frames in mind and would rather just have us print

We print on Fuji Lustre Paper

8×10  $4.40

8×12  $7.60

11×14  $8.80

12×16  $16.00

16×20  $29.00

20×24   $44.00